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Digging more into the concept of online identities through discussions in this topic has been insightful. Previously, I had strong preconceived notions of the most appropriate way to represent yourself through an online identity – a significant preference for adopting multiple identities to represent myself accordingly to disparate groups of people. There are a myriad of advantages to doing so as detailed in a wide range of sources: (Smarty, 2009)(Rowledge, 2018).

Reading Anna’s blog post was rather interesting – indeed she discussed online identities from a perspective I had not paid much attention to, that of an online identity crisis. Indeed, Anna had a fantastic resource to highlight online identity factors:

From Anna’s Blog

Considering how this could come about – through potential mismanagement of various online identities, it highlights the importance of effective identity management. There are several really useful services which can provide this (Aune, 2007). In my comment on Anna’s blog, I invited discussion as to how we could respond to an identity issue and are awaiting a response.

Taking online identity further, I found Bivash’s post very interesting. Here, the concept of individuals changing their identity as they advance through different life stages was developed. This is a concept I thought particularly relevant and invited further discussion in my comment. The notion of individuals fragmenting and shaping their identity as they age is fascinating and indeed evident in many online networks (Sweney, 2018).

Through concepts discussed further in comments on my post, I am more certain now that multiple online identities are the best way to conduct oneself online. Natasha helped define further the need for privacy, and the concept of privacy as ‘boxes’ each of which can be applicable in different situations.

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