The Beginning

After over two years of developing websites and teaching various forms of digital literacy, I’ve decided its about time I had my own site. Despite initial inspiration for this from a module (UOSM2008 – Living and Working on the Web), it’s the perfect opportunity to be able to start an online record of all the work and projects I am involved in – as well as a documentation of various useful tools collected from my time at uni.

As well as this, I hope to backtrack and start uploading content from work carried out back in 6th form and before; it will be a useful way to have a long-term record of some of the fantastic opportunities I had throughout the last 5 or so years. This could take quite a while, but will be a fun project as I sort through various records and collections of everything.

In the more long-term, I’d like to make this site more interactive, rather than the current iteration which I’ve thrown together for the start of UOSM2008. One idea I’m playing with is to integrate some Pinterest boards into the site. There are a great collection of nature pics and interior design boards which I’m particularly interested in. An ambition of mine is to potentially join the Royal Navy, partly built on my fascination with the sea (stemming from an upbringing in Poole). The image attached to this post is one of my favourite images associated with this theme.

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